Dr. Michelle Woolhouse

A GP With a Difference

Dr Michelle Woolhouse is a respected GP in the unique position of being able to provide medical advice which combines the best of mainstream medicine with alternative therapies to achieve a holistic approach to healthcare.

Using evidence based principles, along with a thorough understanding of natural medicine, energetic medicine and mind-body techniques, she offers unbiased and informed health expertise.

Both Sides of Medicine

Dr Michelle looks beyond the treatment of symptoms to explore the underlying causes of ill health.

This may encompass nutrition, dietary health, dietary excesses, environmental health, spiritual health or mental or emotional health. She respects the ancient healing wisdom that has transcended thousands of years and integrates that with modern scientific research, evidence and techniques.


Dr Michelle conducts her practice in a relaxed, natural way. Patients are invited into their treatment where time is generous and consultations unhurried.


Dr Michelle is a natural educator and is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge through her consultative approach with patients, writing on health topics of interest, key note speaking, regular newsletters and media via regular guest appearances on Channel Ten’s “The Circle”.

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